Team information

Low Expectations

Points: 18

Puzzles solved: 4

Average solve time: 14h 45m 17s


Albert Lu
Daniel Li
Dilhan Salgado
Isaac Browne
Josh Abrams
Zack Lee

Solve history:

Puzzle Solve time Time taken Points awarded
1.1 Story of a Corsair 07 Aug, 05:12:51 p.m. 5h 12m 51s 5
2.2 Alien Artefacts 08 Aug, 01:08:18 p.m. 1h 8m 18s 5
1.S Letters and Numbers 08 Aug, 02:08:13 p.m. 1d 2h 8m 13s 4
1.4 Central Dogma 08 Aug, 02:31:48 p.m. 1d 2h 31m 48s 4