Hints for Meta: Meta³:

Hint 1

To get to the grand prize, you need to solve, then solve again; map, then map again; read and scramble and match and then read once more.

Hint 2

To get to the grand prize, you need to solve the cubics, then solve the Cube; map the answers, then map the answers some more; read the story and then scramble the cube and then match some faces and then read a clue off of the remaining faces and solve. Serve with a healthy amount of salt. :)

Hint 3

Solve the cubics to receive an instruction. This instruction applies to the 24 normal puzzles. Set them aside for later. The edges of the Cube have now been revealed, so solve the Cube! Then, map the 3x3's present in the 6 special puzzles to receive a message. Decode the message and do what it says. This should involve more mapping. Decode another message and do what that says. Referring back to each of the 24 normal puzzles, sort them into their respective eight sets and comb through their stories. We're gonna be upfront here, what we've done is downright dodgy, and really should have been left back in the MUMS Puzzle Hunts of an era gone by (UFDRLB). Next, scramble the solved Cubes according to the instructions that you have found! You should be able to match some faces and stitch them together into a eight-cube-long chain, with the end faces having an interesting pattern. Read off of the other faces using said pattern and perform one last extraction to obtain your hard-earned zero-point solve.