Hints for Act VI, Scene 2: Remix:

Hint 1

Shall I play the A-side or the B-side? The B-side or the A-side? Choose one, or play none.

Hint 2

These records are outdated, and are in need of a remix. And while the source of these lyrics may not be important, please treat the lyric position as key.

Hint 3

The words/phrases present on the record are Swedish translations of ABBA lyrics. More specifically, they correspond to four A-side/B-side pairs of ABBA records. Stitch the lyrics together to form four ‘remixed’ verses, and order by year. A pair of 8-bit binary strings can be extracted from each verse, and can be converted to ASCII to obtain the final clue phrase. This clue phrase should be considered in conjunction with the question posed by the record.