Hints for Act VI, Scene 1: Bloody Oath:

Hint 1

Rhesus Christ! We need two cc's of blood, stat!

Hint 2

Beaut! Bravo! Bonza! B blood bountiful in brilliant blood bank! But beware of bad blood — bring back the blood-red bits from the brink of blackout with the best blood there is.

Hint 3

The clues, for the large part, refer to distinct Australian-isms. However, they can only be fitted into the grid after a blood donation (removal of O's, A's, and B's). Once the grid has been completed, solvers should pay particular attention to the words running down the centres of the top, left, right, and bottom squares. They should then think about what letter or letters could fit into the Red Cross at the centre. Give a blOOd transfusion, and the charitable cycle will be complete.