Hints for Act V, Scene 1: No. 102:

Hint 1

This list looks most honourable and noble, but I can’t quite help thinking that it’s missing some elements… And what is this mysterious letter P doing? Surely it can’t be a mistake...

Hint 2

What’s the definition of a statement? I’m unsure… Although I do know for certain that all of the inventions are mere charades. As for the Honour List, well, it’s missing some elements, but I’m sure they’ll turn up somewhere, if not in a grid then definitely in a table!

Hint 3

The Honour List consists of a number of Nobel laureates, clued cryptically. The type of honour corresponds to a certain type of cryptic clue, with “statement” = definition, “invention” = charade, “capture” = container, “speech” = homophone, and “manipulation” = anagram. A chemical element is stripped away from the names of the Nobel laureates, and the remaining string is indicated by the numbers attached to the clues. Find the strings in the word search, collect the unused letters to form a message, and follow the instructions of the message for ordering. For indexing, take the chemical elements that were extracted, convert to their element numbers (all between 1 and 26), convert to the corresponding letter in the alphabet to receive a final quick clue, which gives the answer.