Hints for Act II, Scene 3: Throwback Thursday:

Hint 1

Flashback Friday: A play with many intermissions. A heavily plagiarised research paper. A blueprint of a puzzle. And a fishy facsimile. What could they mean? It all seems so cryptic...

Hint 2

Send Me Back Saturday: John Howard? Winning elections!? Um, 2004 called. They want their Prime Minister back, albeit in a very cryptic way.

Hint 3

So Far Behind Sunday: This puzzle is a tribute to one of the pioneers of the MUMS Puzzle Hunt, and is adapted from puzzles that were written 15 years ago. There are four mini-puzzles, each yielding a solution that, when strung together, forms a cryptic clue (8,5). Solve the clue to claim your Get Out of Jail Free card!